How to Make Bokashi Bran

Bokashi - Layer Style

This should be a very interesting article for those practicing bokashi composting at home. If you aren’t familiar with bokashi composting, we have an excellent bokashi composting overview here. Most people doing bokashi composting get hung up on bokashi bran. Places selling bokashi supplies will always sell bokashi bran to go with the bin. It tends to be expensive, and you have to keep buying it! Fortunately, you can make your own bran very easily.

However this is where people get hung up again. Nearly all bokashi bran recipes call for using “wheat bran” as the main ingredient. If you don’t live in the states, this can be hard to find and quite expensive. However we are fortunate again, because […]

How to Make Your Own Bokashi Bin

Bokashi Bin - two buckets

This week in the Flog:

  • Dirt Simple bokashi bin instructions
  • Make your own bokashi bin and get started bokashi composting today

So you’ve heard about this bokashi composting business and you want to start doing it yourself at home, turning your kitchen and other waste into great fermented fertilizer ready for the garden or compost pile. Awesome! Where to start? Should you buy a bokashi bin? And also buy bokashi bran? No need, you can make both at home very easily. Let’s look at the bokashi bin.

The principles of the bokashi bin are pretty simple:

  • Keep the inside anaerobic (oxygen free)
  • Allow moisture to drain into another oxygenless environment (not required but nice to have)
  • Allow […]