Herbana Farms - Working the Land

There are many learning opportunities available at Herbana Farms.  Whether you have previous experience or not, we encourage anyone with interest to take advantage of Herbana’s open doors to students.  It is a wonderful feeling to work on the farm all day, come in for a big meal and have a nice rest afterwords.  Many find a weekend on the farm is an indispensable break from city life .  These weekend warriors also gain valuable insights and knowledge along the way.  

The Herbana Community Garden

As well as being a demonstration facility for organic/sustainable technology and practices, Herbana Farms offers multiple opportunities for “weekend farmers” to participate and experience what farm life is all about. Several ecotourism components are available:

  • Self-guided tours
  • Guided tours
  • Micro-teaching sessions on a variety of topics including composting, vermiculture, soil preparation, etc.

For those who wish to sleep on Herbana Farms’ premises, accommodation packages are also available. Full catering can be provided upon request.

Other ecotourism packages are:

  • Own a Farm Over the Weekend: This special package includes full use of our farm facilities, independent Reed House accommodation, maid service, and full catering services. Micro-teaching sessions can be arranged upon request.
  • The Community Garden: 10 square meter long garden plots for lease. Full farm support provided for in your absence.
  • Own a Mini-Farm in our Herbana Eco-Village: We can assist in planning, design, construction and maintenance of your sustainable ecofarm in this eco-village.

All farm catering utilizes fresh organic produce from our farm. Specific dietary requirements can be catered to upon request.

For pricing inquiries and schedule availability, please use the contact form.

Gil Carandang Farming Seminars

Herbana Farms caters to the production of herbs, specialty vegetables and cut flowers. It also provides farming-related seminars, workshops, short courses and various apprenticeship programs.

Additional training topics are available. Please use our contact form for more information. Additionally, Herbana Farms can do custom training on various topics based on you or your organization’s needs.

Here is a list of various training modules that Herbana Farms can offer:

  • Sustainable Bio-intensive Mini Farming
  • Natural Farming Systems for Crop and Livestock
  • Growing indigenous microorganisms
  • Planning, Designing and Construction of Sustainable, Organic Mini-farms
  • Permaculture Basics
  • Looking at the Land: Designing from Nature
  • Selected Herbs of the Tropics: Natural Building Workshops
  • Introduction to Agroecology
  • Mushroom Culture
  • Natural Farming Systems for Growing Free-range Chickens

Herbana Farms Apprenticeship Program

An apprenticeship program in Tropical Ecological Agriculture is offered annually. The program runs for four months and offers instruction and daily work experience in organic gardening and farming, stressing ecological interactions amongst plants, soils, climate, insects, and pathogens.

Herbana Farms’ apprenticeship program is always available. We look for people who want to experience a rural communal life working in our farm and gardens. Any apprentice who decides to continue after the program will be allowed to do so.

Apprentices will be working directly with Gil Carandang and other colleagues from the local farm school. One day a week classroom instruction will be provided for. Most of the week, actual work will be done on the farm premises that includes propagation, greenhouse work, garden and field work and feeding and maintenance of the livestock enclosures. Part of the apprenticeship program will involve being assigned for a few days or weeks to various organic farms around the Philippines that collaborate with Herbana Farms.

Areas of training will include, but are not limited to: Biodynamics and French Intensive, Natural Farming, Culture of Beneficial Microorganisms, Preparation of Bionutrients, Propagation Techniques, Pest and Disease Management, Orchard Management, Free-Range Chicken, Tilapia Aquaculture, Mushroom Culture, Greenhouse Management, Marketing through Farmer’s Markets and CSA, Row Crops, Composting, Soils and Social and Environmental Issues.

Staying at Herbana Farms entails a community type of living arrangement, using common facilities and sharing food and chores. We are not strict vegetarians but can accommodate special dietary requirements, if needed.

Who May Apply?

Prior gardening and farming experience is helpful but not necessary. However, a strong desire to learn and a keen interest in hands-on gardening and farming is essential. We are looking for self-motivated, self-starting people. The apprenticeship will involve all aspects of organic production including propagation and greenhouse work, watering, bed preparation, composting, transplanting and sowing, weeding, harvesting, and seed saving and processing, including related functions in care and maintenance of our livestock technology demonstration areas. Physical stamina is necessary.

We are looking for someone relaxed and comfortable in group of people and who can routinely manage a broad diversity of challenges simultaneously. You must be flexible and energetic to accommodate the dynamic process of our visions, fascinations and frustrations! We celebrate diversity, are non-sectarian and are committed to maintaining a pluralistic, tolerant, supportive, honest and open working and loving environment.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn and develop practical skills that you will use for the rest of your life!

Apprenticeship Fee and Other Particulars:

There is only a small one-time application fee for the Herbana Farms Apprenticeship Program.  Please use our contact form to inquire about this and other details.  Alternatively, you may contact us directly via email and send your CV/resume and a letter describing yourself, interests, experience and what you would hope to get out of an apprenticeship at Herbana Farms. Please include work and personal references as well.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Farm Consultancy and Development

Are you looking to develop your own organic/sustainable farm, want your farm to be organically certified or simply want to design your garden to utilize natural farming and gardening techniques? Herbana Farms also does consultancy work on ecofarm development, technology transfers and garden design.  A full list of services includes:

  • Organic farm development: designing, planning, and building
  • Ecological architecture
  • Organic landscaping of residential, commercial and institutional properties
  • Eco-tourism development
  • Consultancy for organic certification
  • Trainings and lectures on organic agriculture
  • Sustainable biointensive mini-farming
  • Natural farming systems for crop and livestock
  • Growing your own indigenous microorganisms
  • Planning, designing, and construction of sustainable organic mini-farm
  • Permaculture basics
  • Natural building workshops

  • Jojo Nalumen

    Hello Gil and Patrick,

    My family has a piece of farmland (around 1000 sq meters) in Anini-y, Antique that we are planning to develop into an organic farm. I was wondering if you do Farm Consultancy outside of Luzon? If yes, I’d like to know the particulars (what it entails, preparations, fees, etc) please.

    Thank you!

    • Patrick

      Hi Jojo,

      I will email you details on this. I’ll be posting a section on this soon so everyone can get an idea what services we offer.


      • Jojo Nalumen

        Thank you Patrick! Much appreciated. Meanwhile, I’m going through your recipes and starting a small vegetable garden in our home in Bacolod. Lacto and CalPhos are done. I have ginger-garlic, Neem and BIM brewing. This is great. It’s like making potions. Haha!

        • Patrick

          Haha ya it is, kinda feel like an alchemist sometimes… 🙂

  • Pidrus

    Good Day,
    I’m in the south of luzon/bicol TicaoPass
    We like to start organic farming.
    So we can share it with the lokal poeple.
    We are a small Coastal Christian Church.
    We have land on a slope & on top of a hill (small start of farming )
    Waterspring 1500liter per min.
    How can help to establish this estimate 1000sqm

    So we can provide Vitames to the Families & Children

    You can send us a email to pidruspinoy@yahoo.com

    God bless you all


    • Patrick

      Hi Pidrus,

      I’ll refer you to Gil for followup.

  • Ashley Mae Apigo

    Good Day! I am Ashley Apigo, a BS Agribusiness Management student from UP Los Baños. I am interested in your farm and i would like to ask you if i can conduct a case study about the farm? It would be for my special problem, since i am a graduating student. I would really appreciate your response to this. Thank you very much!!! below is my contact number if you would permit me to do so. Again, thank you!


    • Patrick

      Hey Ashley, I’ll email you Gil’s number so you can coordinate a farm visit and such. Sounds great!

  • Ronaldi Brotonel

    Hi Gil and Patrick,
    I am very interested in your apprenticeship program!
    I have already sent my resume to the address you provide.
    I’ll be waiting for a favorable response.

    With gratitude,

    Ronaldi Brotonel

    • Patrick

      Hi Ronaldi,

      We will review and address your request as soon as we can. Thanks for applying!


  • Ronaldi Brotonel

    Thank you Patrick!
    Hope to hear from you soon.