Anyone who has spent any time on a farm knows how busy it is. No matter how small, every farm has a multitude of projects going on at any given time. Not just minor projects like fixing a loose gate hinge or cleaning out the pens, big projects like fencing in the back 40 acres or putting up a new piggery because the old one is just, well, falling apart.

We also all know how projects get done. By us. As quickly as possible. Using the skills that we have, regardless of how mismatched they are to the task at hand. This leads to all kinds of frustration, anguish, colorful language and more. But it is also incredibly rewarding and it’s what makes farming so much fun.

This area of the site introduces our projects as they are now, with updates as we work to get them done. This is a great area we’re really excited to have going – it will be entertaining and also very informative. Some projects will just be documented as ideas for you readers to use as required. Others are projects we are working on and just want to share with our audience. In any case, our hope is that these pages will give you ideas, instruction, inspiration and motivation.

Herbana Farms – Working the Land
There are many opportunities on Gil’s farm, located in Calamba, Philippines. Come out for a visit, or schedule a training session if you wish to learn from Gil directly. You can also come out to the farm as an organic farm volunteer. This is a great opportunity to get your hands dirty, and learn from Gil while you are doing it. He always takes time out to work with the volunteers teaching them about the techniques at work on his farm.

1000sqm Demo Farm
**Article with pics coming soon** This is a really exciting project that Gil has been developing and promoting extensively here in the Philippines. It has the potential to transform how private farming is done here in the Philippines and in rural areas of other countries also. The idea is to create a sustainable farm on a very small land area – 1/10 of a hectare. Using the principles of bio-intensive microbial farming and natural farming, a single family farm is able to earn up to 10 times the average monthly household income in rural Philippines.

  • gil carandang

    my latest project in the philippines is a tv5 sundays 6-7am advocacy show on food, health & environment dubbed “KALIKASAN (Nature) KALUSUGAN (Health) KABUHAYAN (Livelihood). we try to “merge” the 3 on each episode. we just aired episode 1 (organic farming); episode 2 (natural piggery – pigs with no foul odors, antibiotics, hormones) and episode 3 illegal logging. episodes 4 & 5 will tackle alternative healing and episode 6 urban farming. we still need to produce episodes 7-13 and folks, we really need your financial support. very difficult to get ad sponsors (multinationals). Please help find ad sponsors and donors. 1 ad spot costs around US$1,000 30-seconds. special rate of US$5,000 for 8 spots and US$10,000 for 20 spots. Acknowledgement donor listing is US$250. sponsoring 1 whole episode is US$10,000. Your kind personal donations of any token is greatly appreciated through paypal. We will soon upload the done episodes on u-tube soon!

  • We are introducing our water structuring devices to India and will be busy with many farm projects showing the wonderful benefits of structured water. We believe that “Transformational Agriculture” requires Structured Water, Minerals and Beneficial Microbes. We are presently working with Joseph Johnson of ABCorganics in America. For India, we need to be creative and teach each farmer the basics of beneficial bug juice preparation. I am glad I found your site and hope to stay in touch.

    • Patrick

      Hi Gary of greenfieldnaturals.. That sounds like awesome farm projects! Let me know how we can help. Microbes are our territory, sustainable agriculture our passion. The recipes are perfect for your kinds of projects.

  • Louis

    Dear Patrick, Please tell me how much of beer or wine I should use for the ginger-garlic fermentation in step 1. Thanks

    • Patrick

      Hi Louis,

      You just need to add enough to cover the stuff you’re fermenting. Sorry for the late reply I was away..


  • josefina "JoJo" Laurel

    This is so cool Primong Gil. Primong Rey sent this to me. It is fascinating. Would read everything carefully. Peter Yatco just offered us organic pigs for the Bayleaf Hotel (part of Lyceum Inramuros.) Is he getting them from You. JoJo laurel

  • Dear Gil & Patrick,
    I’m Antonio, a trader from the Philippines. I have a requirements to supply to another country the Fish Emulsion and Blood Meal Fertilizers. Do you have and how much per package?
    Thank you. Awaiting for your kind respond. Best Regards.
    Here’s my mobile no. 0920-6248412 / skype: antonio.antonio315813.

    • Patrick

      Hi Antonio,

      Thanks for your interest. I texted you regarding our products and price. Hope to hear back soon.


  • Flarino Flauta

    Dear Gil and Patrick,

    A farm will be started very soon in Alcala, Pangasinan. I will stay learning from your site and apply same in the farm. I hope to pay you back by teaching the farmers in the locality; we will learn together by doing the things that you share in this site!

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing your principles and experiences!


    • Patrick

      Hey NonoyF,

      That is great to hear! If you have the space and inclination, we’d love to help you set up a 1000sqm farm lot! It would be great to show off the production and sustainability of this model. There are a few around the Philippines already but we’re always encouraging more like this. You can reply here or use the contact form on the contact us page to reach out to us about this.

      Hope to hear from you soon.


  • Ronald

    Hi…I want to know more about your 1000sqm farm project. I recently got a 3000sqm lot but I am at a loss on what to do with it.

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