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  • Mitey Spray is ready! Preparing and applying

My mighty Mitey Spray is ready! The ingredients have fermented, I’m ready to combine them, apply, and check the plants.

To apply these, we aren’t going to add each one to our sprayer and do it that way – way too many ingredients! We need to combine the ingredients first, and then add that mix to our sprayer.

I don’t have a clear guideline here so I’m adding a roughly equal amount of each ingredient. There will be a little less fish oil than the others but that’s fine, this isn’t an exact science.

I’m going to siphon the oil off the top – I tried to pour once before and it just doesn’t work – the oil is too miscible and it gets all mixed up by the time you get any out the top of the container. I need to siphon off both oils since they both mix with water so readily. I’ll start with the coco oil – I’m going to have to put my mouth on it for the second siphoning and I’d like to avoid the fermented fish – I’m not a bagoong fan!

Here is the siphon and coco fermenting jug. The liquid on top is part water part coconut oil (oil emulsion). The more dense fibrous part of the coconut meal is settled on the bottom.

Mitey Spray - coco oil

Coconut oil emulsion has risen to the top while the rest(fiber+protein) has sunk

And now the oil emulsion has been transferred to the “Mitey-Spray-mixture-vessel”, a plastic jar.

Mitey Spray - coco oil emulsion

The coconut oil emulsion is siphoned out

I have to do the same procedure with the fish oil. There is quite a bit less of that but that’s ok. Now here are the oils together!

Mitey Spray - coco+fish oils emulsion

Here are the coconut and fish oil emulsions mixed together

Now I’ve added the oils, it’s time to add the fermented plant extracts. Again this isn’t an exact science. I like the Dill extract so I’m adding a little more of that than the others.

The fermented plant extracts I’ll be adding are: Dill, Cilantro (Coriander), Labuyo chili, and Philodendron. They are a smelly bunch and all show some promise in preventing/deterring/killing mites. I think the infection is too far along to really save it, but at least I have a good test bed to work in.

Once I have added all the ingredients, you can see the total Mitey Spray:

Mitey Spray - total spray

Here all the ingredients for my Mitey Spray are mixed together

Now to apply this. I’m going to add 1 Tbsp per Liter. That’s roughly 4 tbsp/gal. I’m mixing it like this because as you probably noticed, the plant extracts have a lot of water in them. As plant extracts go they are fairly dilute, so I don’t need to worry about adding too much active ingredient to the Mitey Spray. I like doing it this way – gives me more room for error in terms of adding too much active ingredient.

This stuff is brown and a little oily and strong smelling. I hope it works! Here are some leaves before applying. I’m going to spray the garden now and check it tomorrow morning again.

Mitey Spray - mite-infested leaf

Here’s a pepper leaf with lots of mites on it

After spraying, the leaves are nicely coated. I tried to get both sides of all the leaves, since the mites like to hide on the underside.

The next day in the morning, the leaves still look just as sad but it appears as if there are less mites now! I’m going to chop these plants all back but at least it looks like my deterrent works to some degree. The real test is if it can prevent further infection and death over the next few weeks. Lets look at the leaves again:

Mitey Spray - after spraying

The pepper leaf looks much less mite-infested, hopefully the Mitey Spray is working!

I’ll be re-applying this spray regularly and watching over the next few weeks. Also, this mitey spray will be improved upon based on community feedback and some more research. As always these things are works in progress. The beauty of gardening is the fun of experimentation and trial-and-error. Try try try! 🙂

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