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Farmers come in many packages. Some of us are full time employees of the land, earning our bread and water through cultivation. Others among us are simply urban dwellers interested in staying in contact with the natural world. Whichever you are, our farmblog (the Flog) will have something for you. Topics range from how to make your own great soil mix, to how to make a natural piggery that has no smell and doesn’t need cleaning. The unconventional tips and tricks here will save you time and money, guaranteed. Patrick and Gil will be contributing based on their respective areas of interest.


If you live in an urban setting and would like to learn some neat tricks to small scale gardening whether on a balcony, patio, or backyard, follow along. I’ll be growing a balcony garden using the skills learned from Gil, some farming experience from long ago, and lots of research. It’s been awhile and there will be some bumps along the way, but this will be a great opportunity to get an idea of how to be an urban farmer. I’m hoping to grow all my vegetable needs off a small outdoor balcony – let’s see how it goes! Topics will include how to make your own fertilizer, planters, soil, watering system and more, all with the limited workspace and materials you’d have in an apartment in the city.


Owning and operating my own Organic farm, I have much to share on the topic of organic farming. I’ll be posting enhancements to existing recipes, new recipes, building plans for natural piggery and free range chicken habitats, updates on my 1000sqm farm and more. These updates should be extremely useful for farmers eager to learn about natural farming techniques.

Using Super Lacto on Bokashi Leachate

Bokashi Leachate + Lacto

This week in the Flog:

  • Using Super Lacto on Bokashi Leachate
  • The awesome results after just a few days

So let’s look at how I’m using my super lacto culture. I made this culture by pouring just a little of the pure strength lacto (the 1:1 mix of lacto and sugar) into a 6 L jug with water. I then poured in a bunch of sugar. Not sure how much, like I said there are no rules with this. Maybe it was .5-1 cup of sugar. The jug wasn’t full, it had maybe 4.5L of water in it when I started. About 3 days later the jug was ready to burst it had become so hard with pressure. […]

How to Make Super Strong Lacto

Two lacto flogs in a row! That’s a record! If you missed it, last week I shared a delightful story about The World’s Most Horrible Smell and how I valiantly defeated it using plain old lacto spray.

But what if plain old lacto spray isn’t enough? What if you want to make a super digestive aid? What if you don’t have enough lacto and need to make some more? Today’s article covers this topic with a very simple How To on propogating your lacto culture.

The actual microbe propagation is only half the story. As lacto bacteria consume sugars, they convert them to organic acids and other compounds. These compounds are anti-fungal and anti-non-lacto-microbial in general; it’s the […]

A Lacto Story

Lacto Serum - curds and whey

This week in the Flog:

  • A story about the power of lacto
  • Also, how awesome is cockroach composting!

Lacto lacto lacto lacto lacto lacto lacto if you haven’t tried this stuff, do it. Stop procrastinating, stop lounging around your garden thinking about how nice it would be if your chicken coop didn’t stink like poop, stop getting the 3pm lazies after eating your lunch, stop living with clogged sinks, stop wasting fertilizer because your plants don’t have access to it before it’s washed away in the next rain. Stop all that, wiiiiiiiith LACTO!

Verbal diarrhea aside, this lacto is really great stuff. I’ll share a personal story with you on the subject. My wife, 1.5YO boy and […]

How to Make Bokashi Bran

Bokashi - Layer Style

This should be a very interesting article for those practicing bokashi composting at home. If you aren’t familiar with bokashi composting, we have an excellent bokashi composting overview here. Most people doing bokashi composting get hung up on bokashi bran. Places selling bokashi supplies will always sell bokashi bran to go with the bin. It tends to be expensive, and you have to keep buying it! Fortunately, you can make your own bran very easily.

However this is where people get hung up again. Nearly all bokashi bran recipes call for using “wheat bran” as the main ingredient. If you don’t live in the states, this can be hard to find and quite expensive. However we are fortunate again, because […]

How to Make Your Own Bokashi Bin

Bokashi Bin - two buckets

This week in the Flog:

  • Dirt Simple bokashi bin instructions
  • Make your own bokashi bin and get started bokashi composting today

So you’ve heard about this bokashi composting business and you want to start doing it yourself at home, turning your kitchen and other waste into great fermented fertilizer ready for the garden or compost pile. Awesome! Where to start? Should you buy a bokashi bin? And also buy bokashi bran? No need, you can make both at home very easily. Let’s look at the bokashi bin.

The principles of the bokashi bin are pretty simple:

  • Keep the inside anaerobic (oxygen free)
  • Allow moisture to drain into another oxygenless environment (not required but nice to have)
  • Allow […]

Why Didn’t We Have a Garden?

This week in the Flog:

  • Have you ever been too busy to garden this year? This post is for you.

Have you ever missed a year in the garden? Just got too busy with spring cleaning, soccer camps, planning summer trips, and all the other things that get in the way? This post is for you.

I had someone write me the other day in response to my question:

“Don’t have a garden yet this year? Why not?”

Here’s her message:

“Hey Patrick – I’m writing in to tell you my sob story about my garden this year. I live in Oregon, and by now where I live most of my garden should be planted or getting […]

How to Compost Bokashi

Composting Bokashi - Compost Tea

This week in the Flog:

  • Composting of Kitchen Scrap Bokashi
  • Final Composting Article of the Series

I just love composting. There are so many different ways to compost – whether you are using critters like worms, cockroaches, or BSF larva, or some anaerobic method like bokashi, or you are just composting traditionally with a combination of green and brown ingredients.

My compost pile out on the balcony has been steadily growing as I’ve practiced all these composting styles and added them to it. It’s exciting to see, and the pile looks amazingly rich.

I have one more thing to compost before I apply this to the garden. My bokashi bin I’ve been using for kitchen scraps is getting […]

Composting Pre Finale

BSF Housing Unit

This week in the Flog:

  • Why am I cutting Pat’s Composting Series short?
  • Final episode of the Composting Series – this week!
  • Background on the Compost Tea research

This composting series has gone really well. It will be a great resource to learn about all kinds of composting techniques. If you guys are interested in composting, this series is a great place to start. Some techniques may be pretty foreign, like cockroach composting, but trust me they are all awesome and well worth the effort. The compost pile is finished now, and I’m just applying it to the garden. I will post results of that later. For now, you can review the series on the website through these […]

How to Make Bloom Fertilizer [Part 2]

Make Fertilizer - Fermented Fruits

This week in the Flog:

  • Part 2 of my 3-part bloom recipe series
  • Showing what we do with the leftovers
  • Photos to go with the recipe!

This week we’re covering the second part of the bloom fermentation recipe that I started last week. In case you missed it, you can catch up very quickly, it’s called How to Make Bloom Fertilizer. It’s really fun to make your own fertilizer, and even more fun when you understand the principles and can improvise on the classic recipe. That is what this week is about. Once again in case you missed last week’s you can catch up here.

After fermenting last week, we have solid fruit bits that are left over. […]

How to Make Bloom Fertilizer

Bloom Fertilizer - Fermented!

This week in the Flog:

  • Part 1 of my 3-part bloom recipe series
  • My own twist on the Homemade Bloom Fertilizer recipe
  • Photos to go with the recipe!

Many of my recent Flogs have covered how to make the recipes on the site – it’s just totally different to see pictures of the recipes in action. I think those can clear up a lot of confusion and help inspire people to try making these recipes. The articles have been fun to write and people have really loved them. This makes me happy – needless to say. In case you missed them, the last two were on How to Prepare Lacto, and How to Make Fish Fertilizer.

I’ve also […]