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  • Great Infographic on [organic] farming

Hey everyone just a quick update today, I was sent a great infographic on organic farming, I think it’s really interesting to check out the stats on organic farming in the states.

Infographics are great because they can get a lot of information across in an easily digested fashion. A few things that jumped out at me from the infographic below:

  • 70%+ of farms in the states are hobby or retirement farms
  • Organically grown veggies/fruits have 20-40% more antioxidants
  • Organic farms are on average 35% more profitable than conventional farms. Now imagine natural farms.
  • There are 6,000 different types of apples grown worldwide – that’s a lotta apples 🙂 I like honeycrisp personally how about you?

This infographic comes from the producers of Farm Kings on GAC in the States. They are on their 3rd season!

Enjoy the infographic. Keep your eyes out for some interesting flogs coming up – composting techniques, a new garden update, and more natural techniques like biochar!

Farm Kings Infographic

Great farming infographic for US and others

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