Cockroach Tray Results

This week in the Flog:

  • Updates from the garden
  • Cockroach tray results

Back to the garden flog this week, and we’ll pick up where we left off, one week after planting those nasty cockroach trays. It’s now been 1 month since I planted the first crop of seeds. Things are looking pretty good in the garden, first lets have a quick review..

The cucumbers are huge and loving life, I’ll have to cut the extras which is sad. In fact instead of cutting I’ll pull 2 or 3 of them and give to a friend (as I mentioned before this could be more merciless than giving them a quick death, ha ha):

Patio Garden - Part 1

Young cucumbers looking great

…Jalapeños are growing well

Patio Garden - Part 2

Jalapeno pepper sprouts on the patio garden

…Tomatoes are growing along ok

Patio Garden - Part 3

Patio Garden tomato sprouts

…Eggplant sprouts are doing well. You can still see evidence of the winged attack a few weeks prior:

Patio Garden - Part 4

Egg plant sprouts still to be thinned but looking great

…Labuyo are looking good too, tons of thinning to be done still here. I’ll end up with 1 or 2 plants before I’m done thinning them. I ended up with so many because of some moldy seeds I planted thinking they wouldn’t sprout well:

Patio Garden - Part 5

Labuyo, a very hot pepper native to the Philippines

The carrots and onions are just sprouted and they’re looking ok too so far. I love the pictures at the plant level. You can see they are spindly due to the limited light available. My whole balcony only gets indirect sunlight. Well that’s what I have to work with so lets see if I can still get something from the garden.

Patio Garden - Part 6

Onions and carrots sprouted and stretching towards the [indirect] sunlight

My balcony is getting so organized! I maximized my space by building a simple bench over the aircon exhaust that takes up the whole end of the balcony. I have two large pots left to plant – 1 will be for the watermelon, and the other, who knows? What should I plant in my last remaining large pot? I’m taking suggestions.

Patio Garden - Part 7

This bench will be for the super hot peppers, watermelon and ????

And now to discuss results of the unconventional seed trays…The Waldmanns lettuce and the spinach never sprouted!! My cockroach seed tray, I’m not sure if it was that or something else, but 1 tray of the 3 just “got nuthin'”. Haha – the only thing to sprout were a few mushrooms.

Patio Garden - Part 8

Mushrooms are growing out of the cockroach trays

The other two trays sprouted ok – the arugula and red romaine popped right up, the Grand Rapids varieties were a little more hit-and-miss while the Waldmanns and spinach are non-existent as I mentioned. Here are the trays and my watermelon sprouts that will soon go into the large pot outside.

Patio Garden - Part 9

The two seed trays that sprouted, along with the watermelon sprouts

Foliar Spray of the Week: CalPhos+Bloom.. I blended this specifically for the calamansi – the rest of the garden is much too young for a bloom fertilizer. For those learning, there are two main stages of growth we’re concerned about, grow and bloom. Different nutrients are required during these stages. In Gil’s natural farming method, there is a third stage, the transition between growth and bloom. CalPhos is designed specifically for that stage, to strengthen buds and help the plant burst into the bloom stage of its life. I hope mixing it with the bloom fertilizer is ok for the calamansi, we will see. Right now the calamansi has a few fruits set but no flowers so I’m trying to get some flowers(future fruit) on there.

The rest of the garden is still in the early grow stage, next week it will get a combo application of Immuboost+BIM. This is a general spray just to boost the health of the plants and establish a population of beneficial microbes on the leaf surfaces.

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