The Unconventional Farmer's Mission

This week in the Flog:

  • How do I view the future of The Unconventional Farmer and why?
  • What is the best thing we can accomplish as a community?
  • What is our next step as a community?
  • An inspiring video and how it relates to us unconventional farmers

Today I’m going to share something totally new, that’s actually been brewing here for some time. This is a very different post than normal, and I hope you will read on as I share a mission statement for The Unconventional Farmer (TUF). This is something of a Call to Action – and in the modern spirit of iterative innovation, it’s a bit half-formed still. You can help me solidify it…

Once, […]

Why Didn’t We Have a Garden?

This week in the Flog:

  • Have you ever been too busy to garden this year? This post is for you.

Have you ever missed a year in the garden? Just got too busy with spring cleaning, soccer camps, planning summer trips, and all the other things that get in the way? This post is for you.

I had someone write me the other day in response to my question:

“Don’t have a garden yet this year? Why not?”

Here’s her message:

“Hey Patrick – I’m writing in to tell you my sob story about my garden this year. I live in Oregon, and by now where I live most of my garden should be planted or getting […]