How to Make Your Own Air Filter

Carbon Filter in Action

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  • The Long-Awaited How-To Guide for Air Filtration
  • Use This Simple Technique to Filter Your Air and Kill Smells

A little while back, I wrote an article demonstrating how to make your own fish fertilizer at home. This is a really fun (and kinda gruesome) recipe, one of our more popular ones because it is so easy and such an effective fertilizer.

As I mentioned in that article, you can make your own biofilter very easily at home. This is a great way to keep down the smells associated with some of these recipes. I know many readers live in the city, and want to do things like the fish fertilizer, that make some […]

Fish Fertilizer Preparation

fish fertilizer - final product

This week in the Flog:

  • Making Fish Fertilizer
  • Photos to go with the recipe!

Some time ago I finally ran out of the fish fertilizer I made last year. Time for a new batch! I documented the process for all those interested in seeing this awesome recipe in action!

Homemade fish fertilizer is an organic fertilizing solution that allows you to move away from petroleum-based commercial fertilizer. It is made from fish which is one of the very best sources of macro- and micro-nutrients for healthy growing plants. You can make it yourself with very limited resources. And it is SCENTLESS. We have an awesome recipe on how to make it here.

In my current living situation, […]