Animal Feed Bokashi - [Part Two]

bokashi animal feed - results

This week in the Flog:

  • Following up last week’s flog on supercharging animal feed
  • This week we get to see the bokashi in action!

Last week I started the process of bokashi composting animal feed for my roaches. Yeah, roaches. They make awesome cockroach compost and are a great food for my Bearded Dragon, Opi. But I’m also going to use this animal feed bokashi for our dog, Floflo. She will be the real test, if she likes it, it was a success. Dogs aren’t that picky but let’s see, I hope she likes it! This week is all about the process, and the results, including lots of pictures. Let’s get started!

Here are all the ingredients that […]

Animal Feed Bokashi - [Part One]

Animal Feed Bokashi - ingredients

This week in the Flog:

  • Turning Animal Food Into Superfood!
  • Theory This Week, Practice Next Week

Another bokashi Flog! Why another bokashi flog? Because it’s like the composting version of our recipes. It’s all about fermentation, which is what the recipes are based on. And it’s composting! I love composting, as you might have noticed by the composting series earlier this year. And like the recipes, there are so many ways to go about it, and ways to use it. This article is one example of that.

I have roaches out the balcony to feed Opi, our bearded dragon, and to produce cockroach compost from kitchen scraps. The compost is amazing, the plants love it! And the roaches […]

Good Compost Results

Organic Compost - Papaya

This week in the Flog:

  • Great Before/After Pictures From Compost Series Results
  • See the Power of Good Organic Compost

Earlier this year, I went on this crazy mission to start a big ‘ol compost pile outside on my balcony, even though we don’t have much space out thereā€¦

I ended up using many different composting methods, on a variety of input materials, to come up with a mixed compost that looked wonderful. What were the inputs? Check out the list of composting styles and methods that went into this batch of compost:

  • Cockroach Composting
  • Bokashi Composting
  • Basic Composting – layer style
  • Worm Composting
  • Basic Composting – Coconut Composting
  • Basic Composting – Composting Bokashi

Click any of […]

How to Compost Bokashi

Composting Bokashi - Compost Tea

This week in the Flog:

  • Composting of Kitchen Scrap Bokashi
  • Final Composting Article of the Series

I just love composting. There are so many different ways to compost – whether you are using critters like worms, cockroaches, or BSF larva, or some anaerobic method like bokashi, or you are just composting traditionally with a combination of green and brown ingredients.

My compost pile out on the balcony has been steadily growing as I’ve practiced all these composting styles and added them to it. It’s exciting to see, and the pile looks amazingly rich.

I have one more thing to compost before I apply this to the garden. My bokashi bin I’ve been using for kitchen scraps is getting […]

Composting Pre Finale

BSF Housing Unit

This week in the Flog:

  • Why am I cutting Pat’s Composting Series short?
  • Final episode of the Composting Series – this week!
  • Background on the Compost Tea research

This composting series has gone really well. It will be a great resource to learn about all kinds of composting techniques. If you guys are interested in composting, this series is a great place to start. Some techniques may be pretty foreign, like cockroach composting, but trust me they are all awesome and well worth the effort. The compost pile is finished now, and I’m just applying it to the garden. I will post results of that later. For now, you can review the series on the website through these […]

Layer Cake

Compost - Add trimmings

This week in the Flog:

  • Article 3 of The Unconventional Composting Series
  • This week: Layer Cake!

Phew, Week 2 of the Compost Series! In case you missed it, check out Week 1 here or Week 2 here. It’s been a fun composting series so far. I can’t wait to use it on the garden – but there is so much to compost still!

Now I’ve been back for a bit and the garden looks great – in fact it’s overgrown! It needs to be trimmed. Both balconies have a lot of extra vegetation that needs to be cut back.

It’s a shame to waste all the plant matter. I have the compost pile on the balcony, so it’s […]

Coco Compost

Coco Compost - Lovely Molds

This week in the Flog:

  • Article 2 of The Unconventional Composting Series
  • This week: Coco Compost!

Phew, Week 2 of the Compost Series! In case you missed it, check out Week 1 here. It’s a beautiful composting method that is insanely effective. Thanks to you guys who wrote telling me you’re buying roaches! Good luck!

I just love composting. I already have some awesome cockroach compost aging in a bin. Now I want to make a larger batch of more traditional compost with some stuff I have around..

I’ve mentioned this before that coconut products are readily available here in the Philippines, for obvious reasons (you know, a country of 7,107 tropical islands…). This wonder nut produces all […]

Cockroach Composting

Cockroach Composting - Part 5

This week in the Flog:

  • Article 1 of The Unconventional Composting Series
  • This week: Cockroach Composting!

For most people like you and me, composting serves two main purposes – eliminate food wastes biologically rather than wastefully(landfill), and create nice rich nutrients for plants. You can use all kinds of methods to accomplish those goals, and this article is a great example of that. Cockroaches! Yes, cockroaches are incredible composters. Truly amazing, they will eat anything and everything you put in there, reproduce like crazy, and have virtually NO SMELL. I know it’s shocking to think of cockroaches as being a clean detritivore, but it’s true.

Why are cockroaches great composters:

  • Extremely durable (hard to kill)
  • Eat […]