1 week babies

The plants are 1 week old! Or rather, seeds were sown 1 week ago now. Everything that I planted has sprouted except the parsley and broccoli, curse them! The cucumbers were the first to pop, along with the cherry tomatoes and basil. The last to pop so far are the eggplants, the first of which just peeked up outta the soil today!

The seed tray with all the little sprouts. I didn’t have enough mix to fill all the slots but I’m doing several rounds anyway so I’ll add more next round.

Check out the seed tray:

Vegetable Seedlings - Part 1

Seed tray with little sproutlings

The little purple basil sprouts look beautiful. I love the purple coloring to the stem. They are greening up each day but I think they will always have some purple to them at least..

Vegetable Seedlings - Part 2

Purple basil sprouts looking beautiful

Another close up shot of the cherry tomato sprouts. If you look closely you can see the drop of water is reflecting the cucumber sprouts behind them, pretty neat.

Vegetable Seedlings - Part 3

Cherry tomato sprouts under morning light

The first calamity! When I opened my box of seeds last week to ogle all the sweet plants I’ll be growing, I found to my great disappointment the labuyo seeds all moldified. These labuyo peppers are a classic ingredient here in the Philippines – they are ridiculously hot little suckers and at one point held the world record for hottest chili. I want to see how hot I can grow them, using my friends as a gauge, hah.

I quickly contacted my seed supplier and she replaced them for free. Check out the difference in color, you can definitely see the mold.

Vegetable Seedlings - Part 4

Labuyo pepper seeds, moldy vs clean

Being impatient as ever I threw a bunch of the moldy seeds into some slots just in case. The new seeds weren’t coming for a couple days and I didn’t want to wait. Now, most places will say chuck the moldy seeds but I wasn’t ready to give up on these hot peppers, that’s just tragic. So I dumped most of the moldy packet into four slots in the seed tray.

What’s one great way to combat mold naturally? Bacteria. So I brewed a bacterial favored compost tea and gave an extra dose of that to those slots in an effort to naturally combat the mold. I wasn’t sure if it would help, if the seeds were beyond help or what…

But what do you know?! They started sprouting yesterday! Check out these gorgeous little sproutlings:

Vegetable Seedlings - Part 5

Labuyo pepper sprouts. Once moldy seeds, now beautiful sprouts.

Just look at those sprouts. Isn’t that inspiring? I hope it is enough encouragement for some people reading to plant seeds this weekend. For those already growing this season, any mold issues? What’s your trick to get moldy seeds to sprout? I’m curious the best way. It looks like giving a healthy dose of beneficial microbes worked pretty well.

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